Ashley H

Ashley J. Hagen

ADC intern and Auditor

I am currently studying at Metropolitan State University in the Alcohol and Drug Counseling program working to become a License Alcohol and Drug Counselor. Throughout my Internship I will be working with Northstar Behavioral Health in both the Outpatient and Residential settings as well as continuing my position as Auditor for the company.

Why Did You Choose Northstar Behavioral Health?

I have been working with Northstar for over two years first starting as a Behavioral Health Technician and through the process of moving into a new role as the company Auditor. Northstars missions and values are similar to my own and over the years it has been great to experience the personal growth of our clients as well as the professional growth of the company. I have always known that my career would land me in the addiction services field and I am excited to expand my knowledge and opportunities by working with NBH and my fellow co-workers in order to help others better their lives. 

Having the chance to do my Internship with Northstar Behavioral Health has been extremely beneficial. The staff is wonderful in communication, sharing resources and are always willing to help you out when needed. My Supervisor is always available and has time to provide me with guidance and answers to my questions. Also having the chance to work with this diverse set of clients who are struggling with a similar issue is also a unique experience that I have learned a lot from so far.