Thao-Ha Phan, MA, LMFT, LADC

Executive Director of Outpatient Services

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist                                                                    Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor

Thao-Ha’s history consists of mental health services with a focus on substance use. She approaches substance use treatment from the view of harm reduction while assisting individuals towards abstinence. She finds benefit in incorporating awareness of the body’s response to distress as activation leads to familiar responses, which are sometimes disregulation/relapse. She also explores client’s culture, traditions, and history and the way they impact client’s overall mental health and substance use.

Why Did You Choose Northstar Behavioral Health?

I decided on Northstar Behavioral Health as I am very interested in providing services to those struggling with substance use in the opioid family. I noticed this is a concern in the community and wanted to support individuals on their journey towards freedom from substance use and/or mental health symptoms. I look forward to supporting all clients of NBH.