Welcome to Northstar Behavioral Health

Northstar Behavioral Health provides services focusing on supporting individuals diagnosed with opioid use disorder. These services include inpatient residential care along with outpatient opioid counseling and are comprised of DHS licensed 245G inpatient (16 bed) treatment programs. NBH also proudly offers mental health services including individual, group, family and premarital counseling for our clients.

Our facilities cater to our clients needs through our innovative 90 day Residential facility which is customized for each person who walks through our door.  We also offer a 9 month outpatient step-down program for those individuals that are still interested in tackling their addiction from a sober living establishment or the convenience of their own home.

You'll find our clients come from all walks of life, some are county funded, self-pay, private insurance, or coming through drug courts. We don't care how you've come to us, we're just glad that you found your way to our door and we're grateful for the opportunity to help you make a fresh start. Take this opportunity to learn more about what treatment is like at Northstar


What Is Treatment Like At NBH?

We pride ourselves on the fact that we do things differently and while there are some similarities to other treatment programs, NBH truly customizes opioid addiction treatment for each person that enters the program.


Do You Have More Questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions page. These are questions many people ask before they come into our treatment program.


All of our NBH addiction treatment centers have a few things in common: dedicated staff who create a plan with you based on your needs and desires, safe and clean facilities where you can take a deep breath and focus on getting better, and an atmosphere of fellowship and dare we say . . . even some fun.

Everyone from staff to other patients at NBH want to see you succeed and we're all going to do this together.

Take the first step, reach out. 

North End Location

North End
Men's Residential

924 Rice Street
Saint Paul, MN, 55117

Cranberry Acres Sm

Cranberry Acres
Women's Residential

5810 Cranberry Drive
Linwood Township, MN 55092


Water Street
Men's Outpatient and Residential

35 Water Street W.
Saint Paul, MN, 55107


Women's Residential

5713 Geneva Avenue N
Oakdale MN, 55128

We are humbled and grateful for these words from our clients.

I love the small group atmosphere, with individual focus daily, designed specifically for opioid dependent adults.
— NL
Northstar has allowed me to rediscover the greatest freedoms of a drug-free lifestyle and develop a much better way of life.
— BT
I learned that change happens when the pain of staying the same is greater than the pain of change. NBH has helped me deal with and guide me through my own personal change
— TD
Life isn’t always the light we seek; especially during our darkest times. What we need is help - support - a friend - motivation - higher power, and a breath from the joy of a new start! NBH has saved my life!!
— AM