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Mental Health Treatment Services In Minnesota

Northstar Behavioral Health offers mental health services in Minnesota that provide ongoing, well-rounded support to our clients. We focus on finding structure and accountability in order to interrupt addictive behaviors and create healthy and balanced patterns of living.

Our personalized services help ensure long-term success and move 
our clients toward the life they want.

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Individual Psychotherapy

Northstar offers a diverse range of therapies and therapists, providing high quality, affordable services to anyone seeking treatment. Our services began by providing services to those struggling with opioid use, and today we treat clinics of all walks of life, regardless of addiction or recovery status.

If you are feeling anxious, sad, overwhelmed, trapped by the past, or finding it difficult to manage symptoms of a mental health disorder, we’re here to help.


Northstar offers a robust array of mental health assessments which meet most people's needs. Our trained professionals offer Diagnostic Assessment, Functional Assessment, Level of Care Assessment, and Treatment Planning.

These assessments are available to all, with no commitment needed to continue services here at Northstar. But of course, if you’d like to keep seeing us, we’d love to have you!

Group Counseling

Group counseling can help people work on and resolve issues that traditional individual therapy has a hard time treating.

Especially for our clients who need to feel the strength and support of other people, we offer group counseling, both that incorporates mental health and substance use, and for mental health issues only. These sessions offer a safe and comfortable environment for individuals to address problems and emotional concerns.

Our groups are focused on specific areas of growth. Grief and Loss, Trauma, Anxiety, and Social Isolation are some examples of the group work we provide. In some cases we offer gender specific groups, sexual orientation specific groups, racially or ethnically specific when this would enhance the feeling of safety and understanding for our members.

Individuals can benefit from the social interactions that are part of the group counseling experience. Differing ages, backgrounds and ex­periences help to provide additional insight and perspectives. We are stronger when we heal together.

Family Therapy

We offer counseling for the whole family, designed to improve troubled relationships with your partners, children, or other family members.

A client's individual treatment plan will determine the level of participation by family members. Participation is highly encouraged.

We provide education around the impact that substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders has on a family, including financial, logistical, and emotional concerns.

Couples Therapy

Loving someone can be hard, and we all know that even the best relationships sometimes need a little help. We’re here to provide a non-judgemental space for couples to work through the communication, emotional, and historical roadblocks that they keep stumbling over. Relationships can be hard work, and you don't have to do it alone.  

Using a mixture of family systems theory, psychodynamic theory, and relational modalities, out therapists can help you build and maintain the relationship you want. Unlike in individual therapy, where one person is the client, in couples therapy we treat the relationship itself as our client, and help you develop the tools and insight you need to nourish it.

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