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Intensive Residential Treatments Services (IRTS)

Intensive Residential Treatments Services (IRTS)

Most Comprehensive Approach to Intensive Residential Treatment Services in the state of Minnesota in our Fergus Falls location. 1174 Western Avenue N. Fergus Falls, MN 56537.

Long-term, up to-90 day stay.

Safe environment

18+ Male

Person-centered programming to meet our clients’ needs

Supportive staff for those who meet the admission criteria

Admission Criteria

Adults age 18 and older who have a mental health diagnosis

Have Functional Assessments to determine at what level the individual's mental health and substance use are impacting their ability to function, three or more severe areas of need qualify for an IRTS placement.

Have a LOCUS (Level of Care Utilization Score) score of Level 5 (medically monitored residential services) for IRTS Placement

Steps to Join

Step 1 – Complete the IRTS referral form

Step 2 - Complete or have the LOCUS Recording Form

Step 3 - Provide all documentation required

  • Diagnostic Assessment.
  • Current Functional Assessment.
  • If a Rule 25 or Substance Use Diagnostic Comprehensive Assessment has already been completed within 60 days it could be included, but is not required.
  • Any pertinent clinical assessments, i.e. psychological or neurological testing, etc.
  • List of current medications, including dosages & administration times.

Feeling Overwhelmed By The Process?

Referrals to Intensive Residential Treatment Services will be processed within 72 hours. Referrals may be made online by clicking the link below or email or call 651-341-0788 to request paper referral forms.

Do You Have More Questions?

Check out our frequently asked questions page. These are questions many people ask before they come into our treatment program.

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