Blake Elliott

Partner and Vice President of Strategic Planning

Blake is a respected business professional who has built adult foster care programs (Bridges and Everyday Living) from the ground up employing 400+ employees and serving over 300 residents at numerous sites in seven counties in Minnesota.

Blake’s success has been creating services for patients with SPMI and Traumatic Brain Injury and has seen unprecedented growth in Co-Occurring Disorders within their resident population, which has led to his desire to create Northstar Behavioral Health.

Why did you choose Northstar Behavioral Health?

For me it is simple, I feel as though NBH will be able to do exactly what I envisioned it would . . . provide excellent services to those that would have otherwise not had access to them. In other words, regardless of socioeconic status, race, or religion, everyone is entitled to the same respect, standard of care and they deserve excellent addiction treatment that gives them the best chance possible at long-term recovery. We provide these services. Its incredibly rewarding work.