Rule 25 Assessments

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Q: What is a Rule 25 Assessment?

A: In order to receive public funding for chemical dependency treatment, an individual needs to have a chemical use assessment conducted by a Rule 25 assessor. This is also known as a Rule 25 Assessment. In Minnesota, the process of the assessment and the criteria the decision is based upon are governed by Rule 25. Under Rule 25, an assessor gathers information about an individual and decides whether the individual needs treatment and if so, what type will be the most beneficial. The four levels of care available are primary inpatient, primary outpatient, extended care, and halfway house.

Q: Who has to get a Rule 25 Assessment?

A: Individuals who believe they have substance abuse problems and/or need public funding to afford treatment.

Q: How do I get a Rule 25 Assessment?

A: Call your county for more information about how to set up a Rule 25 Assessment.

Q: Where can I get a Rule 25 Assessment?

A: For more information on Rule 25, visit the Minnesota Department of Human Services website.

Rule 25 Assessment example form.

Q: How do can I find contact information for my county to get a Rule 25 Assessment?

A: Call to schedule an appointment through your county from this list of referral contacts.

Q: What happens after my Rule 25 Assessment?

After your Rule 25 Assessment is completed, and if it is determined you need inpatient or outpatient treatment, you can ask that your assessment get sent to us. They will also send it to other centers to make sure you are able to get help as soon as you are able. 

And as always, please call us if you have any questions or run into any barriers. We regularly help people get the services they need and navigate the insurance systems. We are more than happy to help you, just call.